How to sew hair extensions to a clip:12 Steps

Introduction To Sew 🧵Hair Extensions to clip.
Hair extensions can be a great addition to any hair,but it can be a little annoying,when they come without wig clips.Sewing a hair extensions actually a skill will save your time and money.Fortunately,for sewing a hair extensions you need wig clips and some basic sewing skills and you can attach the extensions yourself at home.And this easy process will save your hard earned money.The things you Need for sewing hair extensions Needles,Thread,clips and hair extensions.You can use the thread and clips colours as per as you extensions colours.
12 complete and easy processing methods. how to sew the hair clips into your hair extensions. 1.Threading the needle. Cut off the part of the thread that is twice the length of your forearm.Grab a few strands that match the color close enough to extend your hair. Hold the thread in front of your Forearm and pull out the long part.  Keep pulling on the thread until it is twice as long as your lower arm.
Tip f…

Best Place for buy and sell phones/iphone,samsung and android

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What fabric masks can provide better protection against the Corona Virus?😷

In This post we are discussing which fabric mask will protect you and your family against the Covid-19. In recent days,experts say that some actions are needed to protect yourself from the attack of the corona virus,one of which is the use of a mask.Now that the corona virus has been declared an epidemic and is spreading rapidly around the world,experts say surgical masks and N95 masks have become scarce. Therefore,they should be left for use by people associated with the medical field and ordinary people should use cloth masks during their transportation. What fabric should be used for the mask? The University of Chicago in the United States has done a lot of research on what kind of cloth should be used to make masks that can help protect against the coronavirus.

The best cloth for the mask is? Scientists believe that cotton,silk,chiffon,etc.are fabrics that can be up to 80% effective in protecting against the virus -while there are some fabrics that have so thin holes in the middle.Scien…

What is Bitcoin?History/Facts/Price/Pros/Cons!

You may have heard of the bitcoin. It is an electronic currency that only exists on the Internet.
There are many things in the minds of people regarding this currency.Some people call it fraud and some people consider it a devilish trick.But is all this really true or is it just a fable?To answer this question,we need to examine the bitcoin closely.
Definition of Bitcoin? The bitcoin does not exist physically,but exists in your online vault on the Internet and from here you can buy and sell it.
History of Bitcoin? If you look at the history of the bitcoin,it was first conceived in 1982 by a computer scientist named "David Choum".David Choum also published a research paper entitled "Blind Signature for Intrasable Payment" in which he wrote about three features of the bitcoin that were as follows.  1.The third person will not know when transferring money.  2.There will also be proof of payment and the identity of the person being paid will be known.  3.Stolen money can be pr…